Barley Diet

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With barley diet you'll be able to get rid of excess weight quickly because it is very efficient. In the present article this diet menu for a day, but it should be kept at least a week. Such a system was developed nutritionist and results in weight loss, eliminating extra weight to those suffering from obesity.

In general , barley is used less in comparison with other food grains - wheat, buckwheat, rice. This is not good because the crop barley is very good for health. Unlike other grains, barley reached people preferred content rich in calcium, manganese , potassium , iron and zinc. With its outstanding properties has the ability to cure allergies , cleanse the body of toxins, help in the treatment of serious diseases : diabetes , ulcers, constipation , liver disease , kidney disease , obesity, diseases of the bladder. Digestive effect ( so can be used in the diet for weight loss ) , antiviral ( counter cough , cold , respiratory diseases ) , antibacterial and wound healing .

The grains of barley containing proteins , fiber, carbohydrates , vitamins (A, B , D , E, PP ) , zinc , potassium, iron , manganese , calcium , silicon , magnesium , copper , nickel , chromium , bromine or iodine . Because lysine protein synthesis , muscle fibers , combat fatigue , improves memory , concentration , etc. .

Barley porridge is a good remedy for gastrointestinal illnesses , injuries , digestive disorders and disorders of the stomach lining . The barley porridge provides a feeling of fullness , does not increase blood sugar levels , help with weight loss , the body's normal development .

Barley diet 7 day help you lose 4 kg:

Every day drink a cup of boiling hot water on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals.

Do not consume eggs, meat, milk, alcohol, sweets and bakery products.

Diet containing yogurt that is low in fat, vegetables and fruits, tea, coffee and juices. Drink plenty of water, as everyone wants.

Breakfast: a cup of barley porridge, 150 g yogurt that is low fat or fruit (bananas, apples, oranges).

Lunch: a cup of barley porridge, a bowl of cabbage soup and a side salad of vegetables and fresh greens.

Snack: a fruit of your choice (citrus, apples).

Dinner: a cup of porridge oats and 150 g natural yogurt that is low in fat.

Barley porridge - Preparation: boil in a pot one liter of water, it begins to boil add 500 g grains of barley and stir until thickened. Generally when used in diet do not add salt.

Note: It is preferable to consult your doctor before starting this diet and is not preferred to continue more than 7 days.