Barley…A Global Grain

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A top ranking crop

Barley is the 4th mostly produced grain in the world coming directly after wheat, rice and corn. Barley accounts for 7-8% percent of the world’s cereal products.[1]

A versatile grain

Barley has a variety of uses; it is commercially used as animal feed; it is also used to produce malt which is used in the production of malted beverages and malt vinegar. Barley is also used as seed and in human food products such as breads as well as soup thickener. Approximately 51% of all barley crops contribute to animal feed, while 44% percent is used to produce malt, 3% for seeds and finally 2%is dedicated towards food products.

Top producers

Despite its origins in the East, today’s top growers of barley are the EU (40%), Russia (8%) and Ukraine (7%)[3].

A highly adaptable grain

Barley is a highly adaptable grain with the ability to grow in climates ranging from subarctic tosubtropical areas.[2]